Site-specific project by Henry Ballate

Dec 01 2016 - Dec 04 2016 organized by Kendall Art Center.

Miami artist Henry Ballate will make a site-specific intervention during Miami arts week. Ballate, who is also an Art History Professor, is an innovative, eclectic and provocative figure in the local art scene. His work is easily recognizable through his use of known iconography, which are essential to his public interventions and appropriations. Ballate will no longer appropriate a canvas, a wall, or event, this time it will be the ocean. The site-specific installation, Status, will appear as floating sculptures on the beach between 20th and 21st street on December 1st, 2016. Curated by Aldeide Degados Puebla, curator and art critic, she explains “Henry’s floating heads possess a mystery that attracts anyone who approaches them. Perhaps because his immanent presence makes one reflect on what they hide: their bodies. Perhaps because their existence can make us rethink the relationship between man and his immediate environment, this time: the ocean. That ocean that can serve as a bridge, sometimes as a barrier and to many others, as a home. These are our marine Atlanteans, the warriors protecting the city, souls whose ritual dimension can be seen in their colorful faces. They are here and here to stay, to roam with the rolling waves, to be asked before leaving: ashé”.


All rights reserved. Copyright © 2016 by Henry Ballate