Fragments and Passions

My Fragments are stimulated from the passion of one artist to another showing a wide range of influences, including sources from the Renaissance to contemporary artists. Many of these works were the pornography of my childhood, and still today I look at them with the same curiosity of that child abandoned in the library.


My process starts with a collage made with the use of a computer. Observing works of art on the computer gives me the possibility of walking into a piece and stop where it provokes and excites me. The ideal model has already been created and has eternal form. I use it and destroy it purely for aesthetic reasons, recovering and bringing it out from the darkness, releasing it from its Baroque frame and putting it into contemporary context.


Henry’s artwork is instantly recognizable through his use of well-known visual arts iconography His pieces use historical works of art that deal with provocative and suggestive themes as a foundation augmenting them with today’s popular images. He creates these works by mixing traditional methods of painting with innovative techniques creating new works that are rooted in art history while retaining contemporary relevance.


Today’s technological advances have shortened our attention spans, Henry’s art reflects and even celebrates that reality yet continues to honor and link us to the past. His interest as an artist is to provide visual reference from which the viewer can be reintroduced to art history.

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